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Hallandale Beach investigated for possible corruption

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Keith S. London Submitting his Candidate Petitions to the Supervisor of Elections to be placed on the ballot running for Mayor of Hallandale Beach





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Broward County Planning Council 2/2012

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Broward Inspector General closing in on Hallandale Beach, 
Mayor Cooper
and Vice Mayor Sanders

Watch Glenna Milberg’s Report on WPLG Channel 10




Your Tax Dollars at Work

What every citizen and taxpayer in Hallandale Beach should know about the purchase of Vice Mayor Sanders' property by Mayor Cooper and Bill Julian:

  • The purchase was NEVER on a listed agenda with all the appraisals provided to the public to this day.
  • In addition, Mayor Cooper and Bill Julian voted and approved the purchase under “OTHER” in the secret meeting. They spent $235,000 on “OTHER”!
  • Commissioner Keith London was the only NO vote.
  • Besides “appraisal shopping”, here is another fact: 
    "Mayor Cooper, you conveniently forgot to mention that the sale closed within hours of the vote. In what world other than yours, Mayor, do closing documents get produced and the check clear the bank in less than 12 hours?"
  • Question: "Mayor Cooper, what have you done with the property in the last 3 years?"
  • You leased it to another one of your buddies for 10 dollars per year!
  • That’s good business. Thanks for looking out for the taxpayer, Mayor Cooper!

Keeping you informed,

Commissioner Keith S. London



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